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2007 nissan qashqai 1.6 acenta

I've owned the n-tec 1.6l for almost 2 weeks now and can honestly say that it is a great car.

However, I have one question for those of you that've doubtless investigated the fuel economy side of things. I seem to be visiting the petrol station far more frequently than I previously did with my 1.8l petrol car.

Does the fuel consumption (which averages out at about 37mpg according to the drive-computer) improve after the engine has done a few thousand miles or does the car just use more petrol because of its size (despite the 1.6l).

I haven't carried out a manual check of the mpg for the car (by refilling the tank from a known mileage and then calculating) but it does seem quite fuel hungry.

By the way, I'm doing a mix of motorway and rush hour city driving but it does seem like I'm filling up a lot more than before.

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I think you should get better MPG after a while Urizen.

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My 1.6 Acenta now has 34000 on the clock and it's doing 44.9 mpg - that's motorway, dual carriageway, country and town roads. Mind you I do drive with a light foot. The other day, coasting downhill, the reading was 99.9 mpg - it dropped to 74 when I touched the throttle!

I've completed just over 9300 miles now and am more than happy with the fuel consumption and performance of my QQ. I can only compare it with my previous car, Ford Focus 1.6 vvti Zetec Climate ( 2006 ) which averaged around 26 / 27 mpg in town and just under 40 combined. The QQ obviously is not as quick off the mark, but in real world driving it does not bother me ( speed cameras / humps everywhere ) as the better overall comfort outweighs that.

At the moment I get around 30+mpg in the QQ around town ( stop / start driving ) which I'm more than happy with!

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Currently getting 41.7 mpg in a 1.6ltr - according to the read out on the dashboard, I currently reside in West London with mainly stop/start traffic, with the A40 and North Circular on my daily commute to work.

TRYING to work out if this is good or bad, I'm sure the book says more ,although not heard anyone mention that they have actually acheived what has been quoted in the handbook.

Personally I think the error people make is to compare the fuel returns of the petrol QQ with that of the diesel. A more accurate comparison is with other 1.6 litre petrol small family hatches i.e the Golf, Focus, Auris, Megane, Astra all of which the Qashqai equalled or beat when first launched in 2007 ( not only was the 1.6 Golf thirstier it also had to use the more expensive high grade unleaded petrol ). Since then the Golf and Megane have developed smaller 1.4 turbo assisted petrol engines to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Your mileage is still low and the engine tight, so it should in theory increase a bit with further use as Fee has stated. The official figures will always be more due to the test procedures, and this applies to ALL makes.

Bling-free 2009 QQ Acenta 1.6 called Tyson in Faded Denim, still looking box fresh!

I'm not sure phpowell but perhaps someone more knowledgeable might post a reply. Just out of interest I trawled through my pile of car magazines to find the first Qashqai group test and here are the results,

Nissan Qashqai vs Ford Focus vs Toyota Auris vs Volkswagen Golf

Nissan Qashqai Combined mpg 42.2
Tank 65 litres
Range 603 miles

Ford Focus Combined mpg 44.1
Tank 55 litres
Range 534 miles

Volkswagen Golf Combined mpg 40.4 ( premium unleaded! )
Tank 55 litres
Range 489 miles

Toyota Auris Combined mpg 39.8
Tank 55 litres
Range 482 miles

Put into context I would say the Qashqai is frugal and more desirable compared to these, especially bearing in mind how popular the Golf still is even with this engine.

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the 1.6 petrol with 5 speed is not very good on mpg unfortunately especially around town. a few of the lads i work with at the factory who have them are averaging only 33 to 35 mpg. the 1.5 dci tends to manage over 50 mpg even around town and with a tuning box fitted even more. if you do any sort of mileage may be better with the 1.5 diesel than the 1.6 petrol tho it does cost more initially obviously..

I'm sorry skyline but if the lads are getting between 33 - 35 mpg around town then Nissan's quoted figures are correct and they should be pleased. The best I've achieved around town is 31 mpg which is only 2 mpg short of the official figure so I'm more than pleased. No denying the extra pull and economy ( perceived in my opinion ) of a diesel is always welcome, but again it's an individual thing. My annual mileage is too low for a diesel to make any sense especially financially. Not only are diesel cars more expensive to buy and fill up, the overall servicing costs are a bit more than an equivalent petrol.

I guess if you do the mileage to warrant a diesel then go for it, but at the same time give the petrol version a try as it's a competent reliable old school Nissan unit.

Bling-free 2009 QQ Acenta 1.6 called Tyson in Faded Denim, still looking box fresh!