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2007 nissan qashqai co2 emissions

  • New design of the front part of the car
  • Rear lamps with LED diodes
  • Two new colour versions
  • More perfectioned
  • The new Pure Drive version - 129g/km CO2

Nissan medium-sized crossover Qashqai will experience many improvements in 2010 to secure its positions as the best and the first alternative for traditional hatchback in Europe. Since appearance of Qashqai in European market in March 2007, it has reached beyond all sales forecast, and already at the end of this month the 500 000th car will be delivered. In Latvia Qashqai was announced the car of the year 2007 and until the end of October 2009, 637 units are sold.

Based on Qashqai enormous popularity among European clients, from whom more than 80% bought Nissan for the first time, its novelties secures the position of the car as a stylish crossover where the dynamic characteristics of a sporty hatchback are combined with durable and stable preferential of compact SUV.

“When Qashqai was delivered to Europe in 2007, we optimistically hoped that customers will evaluate the car as an alternative to the traditional hatchback and compact crossover. It appeared that, in order to satisfy customers’ demand, two and a half years later we had to increase production, and demand is not decreased. Qashqai has served as a cornerstone secured the positions of Nissan as innovator in European market. The improvements make Qashqai even more attractive and this model will continue to attract new customers more and more”, supposes Simon Thomas, Nissan sales and marketing vice-president in Europe.

The most observable visual changes have touched front part of Qashqai completely changing its front appearance. Completely new hood, front bumper, wings, grill, and front lamps – all of it allots to Qashqai special atmosphere of refinement, image and quality. The new front design of Qashqai completely conforms to the design of Qashqai+2.

At the rear part the platform of the lamps remain unchanged, but now in the lamps there is an element installed which decreases its aerodynamic resistance. There is also more transparent lentil design chosen, on the front part of which behind completely transparent material, rear-view lights with turning indicators are installed, but on the bottom – red brake and side lights. Besides, its light to be as clear as possible, the brake and side lights are completed with 12 diodes.

Two new body colour versions have come up – Magnetic Red and Titanium Grey. Both colours help to realize additional philosophy of refinement what is on the basis of all reorganisation of design. Besides two new versions of alloy wheel design will be offered. Both are with 5-spoke design, diameter 16 or 17 inches, and both these versions strengthen the elegant image of Qashqai.

Additionally to Qashqai front design changes, a row of other changes in all exterior of the car is introduced, improving effectiveness of aerodynamics and reducing resistance coefficient from 0.34 to 0.33. Qashqai will obtain a new design of major devices that will provide better visibility and they will be better to be seen. Between both clock-faces of devices a new design for board computer is made. White liquid crystal screen shows present and average fuel consumption, mileage, time, cruise control, and speed limitations providing easy interaction between the driver and his/her car.

There is offered new, light grey leather interior which includes black trim for upper part of the door and for the panel, and for the lower part of interior that also is light grey which assigns a light, but warm atmosphere to the interior of a car. One more improvement is installation of low level lightning in foot-niches that creates cosy feeling when entering a car.

In order to improve accommodations, in the base of the central panel a new compartment is installed that is perfect for placing of a mobile phone or portable audio player. Besides, for the models with two wheel drive (which do not have the ALL MODE gear installed), a special place for parking tickets, keys and magnetic cards is installed, that handily placed between seats, just behind transmission gear.

Thanks to the isolation of noise, vibration and car sounds where a completely new multilayered isolation material is used that is installed in the front part of the roof of a car, as well as due to the “acoustic” windscreen that reduces level of noise in the interior, there is passangers’ overall comfort level improved. Reduction of the noise made by wind is achieved by changing windscreen densification.

Polls show that Qashqai customers like the present combination of stability and manoeuvrability of the car; nevertheless, there are small, but significant changes made in the suspension even more improved the driving comfort and reaction of the car. THE NEW PURE DRIVE VERSION – 129g/km CO2 Finally, due to the improvements of Qashqai aerodynamics, a new model version Pure Drive is offered with reduced amount of CO2 emissions, 129 g/km. Thanks to both the program of car weight reduction and to the installation of cover plates for the aerodynamic decorative wheels, and covering of fog lamp sockets, installation of low circulation resistance of tires, and for increase of number of speed-reducer gear, the number of Qashqai CO2 emissions is reduced from 137 to 129 g/km.