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2007 nissan qashqai service light reset

Before I start, just to clarify this is regarding low oil warning, not oil pressure warning. It is the same light, difference is it comes on solid and stays on while there is low/no pressure. The low oil warning flashes the oil light for 30 seconds after starting and "oil lo" is displayed above the tripmeter/odo. The manual says the petrol owners don't get this feature

I got the low oil warning 3 times in a row the other day. First time was starting a warm engine in my driveway which is a slight up hill gradient (which is the same place it gets parked since the day I bought it). As soon as I saw it 50 meters down the road I pulled over, shut down and checked the oil level which was spot on the full mark, checked the scan gauge for any codes but it had no codes stored, I also checked the manual cause I didn't know what was going on with it flashing, which is when I found out all the info above. So after that I started up to continue my trip and it happened again straight away, I went to work and left the car for about 4 hours after double checking the level again. Then I got the low oil warning again when I started it to go home.

I'm using 10W-40 synthetic oil at the moment and a Ryco filter, the oil and filter gets changed every 5000km. Last oil change was about 2 months ago, and nothing has been changed since.