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2008 nissan qashqai 2.0 dci acenta

Hi all this is my first post as i am new to the forum, i have just purchased an 07 2.0 dci Tekna with 33k on the clock. I have a intermittant fault and wonder if anyone can help. On occasion when starting up either first thing in the morning or after a working day the engines fires up but after 5 seconds ish then cuts out. I tyhen have to crank the engine till it fires, normally 15-20 seconds, after this the engine runs fine. Its been into Nissan but they say they cannot find anything on the diagnostic machine.

As a previously qualified marine engineer i think the fault is showing all the symptoms of fuel loss in the line when not run for a few hours.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem and if so found the reasons why. Armed with this information i can hopefully put Nissan on the right track.

I'm no mechanic by any means, but if you say it starts, then dies, then needs cranking to get fuel, could it be a faulty fuel pump??
Would that show up on the technicians machine as a fault?

I had a continual misfire on my Qashqai - the Nissan dealerships just refused to admit that it actually did it as their diagnostic machine couldn't find anything wrong.

Eventually I hit upon the idea of videoing the incident on my mobile phone, uploading it to youtube and showing the mechanics that - no - I wasn't imagining it, misusing the car or too stupid to know a misfire when I saw one. They swapped a few bits out the misfire went away. Without the video evidence I think I would have continued to get the stonewall of "The Diagnostic Computer shows nothing wrong".

Not sure about the 2.0dci but could be low pressure pump normally in fuel tank if it has one if not will have a manual vacuum pump under the bonnet .

High pressure pump can do a leak off test on injectors make sure you have right pressure not sure on nissan with peugeot think its 280bar pressure to start engine.

Also could be crank sensor slight movement of this sensor can cause this problem.

DaveB. you will often see NCS mentioned on here, that too is Nissan Customer Services.

Actually. When mine was misfiring it was the crank position sensor that was causing it, I now recall.

The video actually serves two purposes. Firstly a picture is worth a thousand words - it gives the tech a much better idea of what the fault looks/sounds like than you trying to describe it ever could. Secondly it also makes it more "real" for the dealership if they can actually see the fault!

Funnily enough they got in touch today, they recon someone will ring me. watch this space

It wouldn't be likely to be anything involving a diesel return pipe would it. there was a renault problem a cople of years ago and their was a renault recall?technical, i am afraid and dont know if this would be relevant.

Not sure on that one the thing is when its running its fine 90% of the time and i'm getting great fuel economy 43mpg. Well its good compared to my last car a Nissan Pathfinder 23mpg.

Hi all just a quick post to bring you up to date i took onboard some of your ideas and contacted NCS, they were great gave me a incident No and were good at following up. They contacted Wessex Nissan in Cardiff and as from next Monday my car will go in and stay until the fault is sorted, i've also been allocated a courtesy car which they previously said no chance till the end of march. I also videoed the fault heppening which i showed to the master tech today so that helps and proves i'm not going mad.

So thanks to you all and when the fault is identified i'll pass the info on to help others.