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2011 nissan qashqai 2.0 acenta specs

I have a Qashqai 2wd 2.00 CVT Auto which will be due for change in the near future. I haven't been happy with the fuel consumption as I only average 31mpg.
1) I wondered if anyone could tell me what the actual fuel consumption is you are getting on a 1.6 2wd Auto as Nissan figures state it is better than the 2.0 by 7mpg?
2) What is the performance like on the 1.6 Auto?

is this a petrol 2.0?
I saw few people posted their 2.0 petrol consumption is from 7.8l/100km(36mpg), 8.2(34.45), 11(25.68).
31mpg that is 9l/100km and it is quite ok. It is known petrol engine consum a 1-2l more than a 2.0dci.
Whit my 2.0dci I am average on 7.0l/100km -40.35mpg

VOSA say 55.4mpg for the 1.6 dci, I reckon on getting 75pc of that. But the 1.6 DCI isn't available with an Automatic (the auto diesel is the 2.0 diesel, which struggles to top 30mpg), so I don't think that answers the question.

Since Qashin asked about the "1.6 auto" I guess that means the petrol CVT unit. For which Vosa record 44.1mpg, Combined. Working on my assumption of achieving 75 percent of claimed economy I would imagine you'd get somewhere between 30 and 40 mpg.

Performance is subjective, of course. But I wouldn't buy one, too torque fighting too much mass and frontal area. No, thanks.

Wow. I'm lucky to get 34mpg with my 1.6 diesel. Manual, dci model. But then I use it for three mile journeys four times a week so not too bothered. My triumph street triple motorbike gets slightly better, even when I'm riding fast.