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2011 nissan qashqai pollen filter location

start your car and pop the hood open. turn A/C on, fan on full speed and recirc to OFF

break off the black tab on the top of can and put the red straw into the tip of the can and make sure its in TIGHT or it will shoot off and into a vent somewhere. and you dont want that!

locate the grille on the top of the cowl and spray about half the can in those holes. (see pic, red straw is in the right area) spray the left middle and right sides to get a good coverage of the spray.

after that go inside the car and turn the fan and a/c OFF. once i got back in the car i already notice a difference!

spray in all the vents on the dash. stick the straw in the top of each vent so the spray goes all the in the back. ( i didnt do that in the pics in know they are just for demonstrating purposes)

also spray in the air vents above these side vents

spray in ALL three of the center vents spraying in the top of the vents again

after you do ALL the vents turn the a/c to MAX AC with fan on HIGH and recirc ON.

now the trick part. the vents that run along the base of the windshield need to sprayed into but theres almost no room to do it. see pic

i had to hold the can horizontal and spray with a lil distance back from the vents and spray in a line. the can is designed to spray with it up right so the spray will fade. just hold the can up right facing out of the car pull the tripper a few times to build the pressure up again. kinda like using a rattle spray paint can. after you get those vents sprayed well put the AC back to blowing on the face vents with fan on full blast and turn recirc OFF. now use the remainder of the can in the outside air vent you did in the first place. see below

once the can is done go back in the car and turn ac OFF and leave fan on full blast for 5-10 mins with the windows rolled down to "air out" the system.

now to put the new filter back in the car. take the cabin air filter door off again.

now the filter i bought has a pull tab and it shows you which way is the air flow

now looking at the filter the tab should be on the bottom right. that is the correct way for air flow and to remove the filter next time.

you have to compress the filter like i did below and stick it in and let it expand on its own

now put the door back in and consider yourself DONE.

after initial testing of going from AC ON with RECIRC ON to RECIRC ON and AC OFF, NO SMELL other than the nice smell of the cleaner. Good Luck!