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2012 nissan qashqai ground clearance

I did my test drive and investigations a month ago.

1. ix35 Bigger car but drives comfortably. A bit "cheap" looking inside compared to the Tiguan, but still a good car. Engine (petrol) isn't that strong and according to other forum members, heavy on fuel. service plan (not maintenance) + 5 year warranty.
2. Kia. Basically the same as the ix35, but they did bring out a 2012 model, which is a good upgrade
3. Tiguan. Low power, Small boot, hard seats but quality inide

My wife has just been through the Hyundai IX35 (manual) vs Kia Sportage (manual) dilemma.

In the end, she chose the IX35. The Hyundai came with more things standard than the Kia Sportage did e.g. Cruise control, reverse camera, leather seats etc.

The maintenance plan cost was about R8000, smash & grab about R2500, nudge bar about R4500.

Total cost for the delivery of the vehicle was just under R330000.

Both the cars come out of the same factory. The Hyundai looks more aggressive and the Kia is more sleek.

In the end it comes down to personal choice, but I agree with @Qwikslver, go test drive all the vehicles first & then decide.

The IX35 is giving about 9.6 l/100 50% highway, 50% city driving & one has to learn not to be too heavy with the foot.

Just be aware of after sales service & support with the Hyundai, Kia & Dihatsu brands:

The IX and the KIA are both good cars. The biggest advantage that the Tiguan has is it's ground clearance, but since you won't do any off-road it won't matter. Also the Tiguan with a turbo is actually faster on the highveld than the IX & KIA, but since you are in Cape Town again that won't matter. Personally I think the IX35 "look" aged very quickly. The KIA still impresses visually.

The biggest question is why would you get an SUV if it's only for city driving? You can get an excellent sedan with better fuel economy, driving pleasure and features at that price IMO.

The TSI is an amazing engine, especially in a Tiguan, had the privileged of driving one some time ago. But price wise its a bad buy, like any other VW.

You can do something for love, you can do something for money, but there is nothing quite so satisfying as doing something out of spite - Jeremy Clarkson, 1991

Thanks, really appreciate the replays!
The reason I am looking at a SUV is becuase I am looking for something bigger and higher than a normal sedan / hatchback. Looking at 2wd not 4wd speciffically due to only city driving.

I tried booking a test drive for Tiguan and Sportage but oi nobody seems to have a demo available The Kia people does not seem very friendly to start of with, this is already a bad sign if you ask me. At least VW is trying to find a demo. Dealers that make an effort is a more positive sign for me.

The thing I like about the VW the price includes a 5 year / 60 000 km maintenace plan and not just a service plan. This would last me the 5 years as I drive about 12 000 km a year.

Fazda the link says page not find, can you maybe give me an idea of what it was

Fortuner will hold its value for sure, but the horror stories of the roll over tuna's. is very fresh in my head. But then again u will be traveling mostly on tar roads so u should be fine, id take the Tiguan out of all of them, you cant beat german engineering as well as interior build quality, TSI motor, need i say more

The best of everything out there is the Subaru Forester. thats what i would buy