Instagram: Clear your Search History

I thought eventually that my ex’s Instagram account would as if by magic clear from my “Suggested” search history. It’s been six months now, and I’m sorry, babe, however enough is enough. It’s time to filter out your very cute face (on Instagram, of course).

I don’t wish to be reminded of him every time I search for an account. Turns out, there’s actually a very simple method for me to get rid of his account from my search history, and that I was simply too lazy to look up how to do it before. After all, I sort of just assumed Instagram would have my back on this one and would eventually get rid of him from search. That’s not the case, though.

Not only that, however if you are feeling like searching through Instagram with a clean slate overall, then you can also filter out all your past hashtags and locations.
So, if any of you out there wish to filter out your Instagram history thus your recent terms don’t show up in search anymore — or, if you’re like me and are tired of seeing all of your frequently visited accounts display on your search feed — then let’s get you to a nice, clean start on your Ig life.

Clearing Your Search History

First, head to your profile and tap on the cog or ellipsis to access your options. Scroll down till you see “Clear Search History” and tap on it. Now, accept the risk, aka “Yes, I’m sure.”
Afterward, head to search, tap within the search box, then tap on “Tags,” “Places,” and “People.” You’ll realize that all your hashtags, locations, and additionally your recent Instagram accounts are gone. Whereas clearing out search does get rid of user accounts under “Recent,” it’ll not clear our your “Suggested” users — the accounts that you frequent the most.

Hiding ‘Suggested’ Users from Search

So, in a people search, you’ll still see accounts listed under “Suggested,” and chances are your ex is right there still too. To get rid of these accounts, long-press on the name until the option to “Hide” pops up. Tap on “Hide” to get rid of the account from search. Repeat this step with all those people you’d rather not see every time you search.

Just note that if you still follow your ex, which you likely do if it’s showing up as a suggestion, the only surefire way to make sure they disappear is to unfollow them outright, which you can do right from their profile page. Simply hit the checkmark icon with the person to unfollow them from there. Hiding is a better solution if you still wish to follow them, however simply doesn’t wish them showing up in search automatically.

Once you’ve cleared out search, you’ll have a blank state. No hashtags. No locations. No exes. You all are home free. so go celebrate!

admin • 22.03.2019

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