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4wd nissan dualisqashqai

Nissan Dualis is a crossover SUV from Japan whose production started in Dec 2006 and runs up to date. The Nissan Dualis comes Equipped with, Six airbags,Stability control, Reversing camera, Dual-zone climate control ,Cruise control, Trip computer, Auto headlights/wipers, Keyless entry/start, CD/MP3 stereo, Bluetooth.

In 2010, the Nissan Dualis was given a facelift, brandishing a sharper nose, new tail-light lenses, minor dashboard and trim improvements, slightly revised suspension, and more standard features. The Nissan Dualis new shape is recognized as Qashqai, it comes with perfected sharper lines and LEDs in the headlights and tail lights it has greatly smartened up, without exaggeration the look.

The Nissan Dualis is available in 2.0l petrol, it offers a 16inch alloy wheels and a full-size steel spare with LED tail-lights. In Japan it is offered in 4 trim levels, the 2.0 G, 2.0 S, 2.0 G Four, and 2.0 S Four. It’s Nissan Dualis hybrid body style which combines the hatchback and the compact SUV clearly defines best the Dualis name.

The Nissan Dualis is spacious and has a roomy boot comes with electronic stability control, six airbags and an improved technology to improve stability when cornering at speed. With this its guarantee that the Nissan Dualis delivers a safe drive.

in 2011Nissan Dualis was given an engine update. A new 1.6 dCi engine that replaces the previous 2.0 dCi.

The Nissan Dualis suddenly raises popularity in Kenya and is now a common vehicle in the Kenyan roads. its specs have made it a reliable SUV to Kenyansis available in both 2 and 4 WD.

At an average total cost, being a direct import from Japan to Nairobi, a 2WD Nissan Dualis is KSH 1,500,000, and the 4WD is KSH 1,600,000. This cost is determined by condition and mileage of the car as appearing in the vehicle’s auction sheet