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Airbag nissan qashqai

It is not recommend to repair the air bag system wire harness, but it is possible. First you need to find out what is the code store in the air bag control unit. Once you get the code it will more easy to trace the wire that is giving you the problem. Ask the dealer for the code and let us know.

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Try This, I got this from ClubArmadaIt worked for me.

Since some of you guys here are new owners I thought I'd save you a trip to the dealer once you start modifing your armada's. I'm not sure what set's it off (other than pulling things apart) but at some point you will likely end up with a flashing airbag sensor light. Here is how to reset it yourself.

2. Watch the airbag light closely. It will stay on for a few secs. and then as soon as it blinks off (the start of the flashing ), turn the key off instantly.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 two more times until you have done the cycle three times.

5. Now turn the key on and watch the light. It will start blinking in a different, slower manner. This is diagnostic mode. You can watch this for a little while, no hurry.

6. Now turn the key off again, Count to 5 like in step 3 again, and turn back on. If the procedure worked, the airbag light will not be flashing.