Who are you guys?

Arnold clark new nissan qashqai

In case any of you are unaware, Arnold Clark and Nissan have parted company from each other and you wont be able to buy New vehicles from them, they have effectively lost the Franchise,

Arnold Clark service plans will still be valid. They will maintain all Nissan technicians and diagnostic equipment and from the looks of things will deal with warranty issues under manufacturers warranty on your behalf.

Personally I'll be going elseswhere but this info is for information in case you hadnt heard.

Maybe check with your dealership if this affects you, you should be receiving a letter

just in case fee the Glasgow area is now under Macklin Motors darnly

I received a letter from Arnold Clark today that confirms the break up with Nissan, annoying really as Arnold Clark nissan was only 1 mile from my house.

Thanks, Macklin and Parks in EK are my local but it made me laugh.

I heard about this months ago and contacted Nissan CS they advised me to go to Machargs in South St. I told them that was Arnold Clark and they came back with. Oh we didnt know that!!

I do wonder what the terms and conditions were that they couldnt agree on?