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Asx mitsubishi nissan qashqai

This is a Mitsubishi small crossover designed to appeal to family car buyers who want something a little different from the standard family hatchback. The ASX provides the driving experience of a standard hatchback but with the benefits of a 4x4 such as high driving position and, where fitted, four-wheel drive .

The ASX comes with two engines: 1.6-litre petrol with two-wheel drive, and 1.8-litre diesel with either two-wheel or electronically controlled four-wheel drive. The ASX is well equipped as standard and includes stop/start technology and stability control.

The 114bhp 1.8-litre turbodiesel engine in the Mitsubishi ASX is the best choice for most drivers as it can be had in front- or four-wheel drive forms. With the petrol engine, there is only front-wheel drive on offer.

The other reason for choosing the diesel engine is its broad spread of power that makes the ASX both relaxing to drive and decently peppy when you want to press on or overtake. There is 300Nm of shove on offer form the ASX’s diesel engine spread between 1750- and 2250rpm, which is right where you need it most of the time and it also makes the ASX an adept motorway cruiser as the engine sits right in this sweet spot in sixth gear at the national speed limit. A six-speed manual gearbox is decently smooth and accurate to use.

There is no doubt in our minds the Mitsubishi ASX’s cabin is every bit as well made and solidly durable as every other Mitsubishi SUV’s. However, like almost every other Mitsubishi SUV, the ASX’s interior is little drab due to the extensive use of black or dark coloured materials that makes it all a bit too funereal compared to some of the ASX’s rivals.

The mix of materials also don’t help here as they lend a uniformly dull look to the interior that leaves you feeling a little let down the designers didn’t try harder.

Still, comfort is good and the raised driving position imparts that all-important SUV commanding driving position. The seats are also very comfortable and supportive, which makes the ASX a good choice for anyone who notches up plenty of miles or just wants the best in terms of snug seats. Plenty of cabin space front and rear also impresses in the ASX.

So can this small crossover win hearts and minds over talented competition from the likes of the Skoda Yeti and Nissan Qashqai. Read on for our full Mitsubishi ASX review to find out.