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Base antenna nissan qashqai

I have replaced the original aerial with a Hirschmann FM/DAB one. Removing/Replacing the factory aerial is a real pita though. The panoramic roof and blind construction make accessing that area quite difficult. Took me 3+ hours to (re)assemble everything including both side trim parts with the triangular window in it.

How do you find the Hirschmann DAB/FM aerial? I have been thinking about fitting one myself.

Also is there any chance of a run through of how you did it. I presume you connect the original coax for FM/AM to the new aerial then run 12v DC and a new length of coax for the DAB. I've had a quick look and there does not seem to be an easy route for the coax to the front of the car - as you say, the roof blinds don't make it easy.

Got the Hirschmann from the UK at DabOnWheels.
As far as I can tell the Hirschmann DAB reception is quite good so I guess it will be even better in the UK. Over here there aren't many DAB stations and the broadcasting antennas do not cover the whole country. There will be some upgrades this year so hopefully the reception will improve further and more stations will join in as well.

Unfortunately, FM reception isn't as good as with the stock radio/antenna but I have to say this may be due to my system: I am using a car pc (conveniently cooled inside the glove compartment ) with a Frontier Silicon Venice 7 (DAB/FM) attached. I think the pc is somewhat interfering with the reception so I want the FM/DAB unit moved away. Haven't yet had the time to look into that.

With the DAB antenna, keep in mind that you will probably need to make some modifications to the cabling, connectors and/or run several wires.

Is it a straight swap with the aerial from a physical point of view ie; did you just unbolt the old one then bolt in the new one or is the existing hole the wrong size?

The bolt from both antennas is a bit hard to reach especially with a panoramic roof present but it was a straight swap on my car (2007 model with powered antenna base).
Only thing I did was sanding down the inside of the roof a bit to make sure the antenna base clamp has a good connection.