Snapchat hopes to surpass TikTok with new Lens challenges

Snapchat is hanging in there. The service has been slipping downward, due in no small part to Facebook’s repeated attempts to copy its core options, a number of which have gone on to become even more successful than Snapchat itself. As an attempt to recoup disinterested users, Snapchat is introducing a brand new feature called Lens Challenges. Users can be a part of these challenges by…

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Snapchat vs. TikTok

Teens’ attention can be fickle, as Snapchat recently learned all too well. As if the beleaguered social app didn’t have already got enough woes, it’s currently facing a significant challenger from China. Owned by Beijing-based Tech Company and world’s most valuable startup ByteDance, short video app TikTok recently surpassed Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube in total downloads within the iOS…

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