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hey candy i received my unit and installed very nice!!

Factory 2009 Nissan Navara D40 car android radio :

I installed mine in a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder to replace the factory navigation.

For the price I'm very satisfied with the Joying unit - it is a cohesive unit that includes the functions of an Android tablet, a stereo amp, a lit button control panel, an A2DP bluetooth receiver, steering wheel input, video input, GPS antenna, AM/FM radio receiver, microphone, USB and SD media readers, and dedicated power. I previously had a Nexus Android tablet installed in my Pathfinder - it had only a fraction of the capability of this unit.

- Real Android. I previously had units from Sony and Alpine and found their software to be limited and infrequently updated. But I've been able to install all of my favorite Android apps on the Joying, and updates and new apps are available all of the time.
- I've not tried an offline Nav app yet, but Waze is outstanding, as is Google Maps .
- The buttons are great. I previously had a button-less in-dash tablet, and had a tough time living without a volume knob - the Joying solves that problem.
- It looks great in my car - even better than the "flagship" Alpine 2-din that I previously had. It is relatively understated for an aftermarket radio.
- It keeps track of audio between power cycles, so your tunes resume when you start the car.
- The steering wheel input app allows you to map your steering wheel controls however you prefer
- It comes with an audio equalizer, allowing you to adjust the EQ to suit your needs
- The bluetooth parings seem to work very well - both my phone and ODB2 reader automatically pair

Feedback from customer Jim:
I'm sending you the picture of the installation of the stereo in my car (Nissan Qashqai 2008)!
Thank you for everything and thanks to the Joying staff! I'm really sadisfied of the buy i made!
Great job guys!
Best regards
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