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Harga nissan qashqai malaysia

Average Fuel Economy: 8 km/litre, RON95, Average Mileage: 2,500 km/month

    Pros 1: cheap price, but now replace with perodua Bezza.
    Pros 2: good Space.
    Pros 3: is allow you change your car after 3years, because the car only can life for 3 years. after 2 years, all problem wil come out
    PROBLEM 1: as per above, when after drive 60 to 70km/h, have abnormal sound. Sound same as the gearbox spoil sound as before I met. (I am complaint the sound in before the 2nd year of my car purchases, after the 9 months only they can found is the sound is come from gearbox, but they need 2 month only can help me replace the part. After replace, 3 week the sound is back)

PROBLEM 2: Exhaust pipe sound all the while have sound, and you need to complaint each every time you go service your car.

PROBLEM 3: My left side wheel have the abnormal sound "ting tig ting ting" when I am drive. This issue I have go to Butterworth branch, they are busy for the whole week and unable help me solve this kind issue and ask me call center appointment. But I call to center appointment, they tell me have go to the branch appointment. Hence could any one advice I should go which side to make appointment.

After I have no choice, then I walk in Penang Branch again, they unable help me solve the issue.

PROBLEM 4: My engine sound become very loudly now when I am start engine, drive, even I am stop. But I don't understand why still have people say this is normal? sound like whole engine spoil.

PROBLEM 5: I am believe my car is not have turbo engine, but have turbocharged airflow sound. I feel so funny, and not understand why have this sound after I change my gearbox.

PROBLEM 6: Once your car have breakdown, or any defect problem, you need to appointment, because Tan Chong cannot help you solve your issue immediately. Because you not appointment. and they will not to entertain you. this you cannot blame Nissan, the only way you can blame is your self because you buy Nissan.

PROBLEM 1: cost more then RM10,000 to RM20,000 gearbox was spoil. I have nothing comment why be spoil within 2 years.

PROBLEM 2: We need keep going to complaints only can help you fixmay need keep going to complaints for longer 3 years (why 3 years? because Nissan only warranty for 3 years)

PROBLEM 3: This issue I am unable to comment, because Tan Chong technical unable to find the issue.

PROBLEM 4. Engine sound, to advice people can use their Nissan car for only 3 years, after 3 years you have to destroy it (Actually in the 2nd year you already can destroy your car, if not your car will destroy you). This is the reason Nissan still keep 3 years warranty, and other car go for 5 years warranty. for eg 5 years warranty is Toyota, Honda even Perodua also can make it 5 years warranty.

PROBLEM 5: This improved as above, Nissan recommend you drive 3 years car.

PROBLEM 6: This is nothing hope, the only way we can do is go outsider workshop to repair.