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New nissan qashqai 2 review

Comparison Test New Nissan Qashqai Vs Ford Kuga (Escape) Compact SUV Driven FULL REVIEW

Blissed Out: I'm not sure if it's the dull color that makes the Kuga look boring compared to the Qashqai but I suspect the designers need to modernize a bit (I think you mentioned that too Thomas). Anyway I personally prefer the Q styling by far. just really sexy for a "family car" 😄 I've never sat in a Kuga but I trust your opinion on the superior interior though I must say I feel pretty good in my Q. The only drawback is that the N-Connecta Infotainment is a little slow.

In the end I think your conclusion is correct: if you need a bigger family car definitely go for a Kuga if not a Q is quite fine.

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Marian Kotúč: I find Qashqai styling (especially the front) a bit too superfluous. Kuga, especially the 2017 facelift looks more purposeful. However I can't get over Kuga's fuel consumption. In Europe you just can't sell a car like that in sufficient numbers although there are definitely people for whom the trade-off is worth it, considering Kuga's other attributes. Thanks for the review, very balanced and detailed. If I were to buy a car in the forthcoming months it would be a decision between exactly these two models, maybe also Tiguan would deserve a long look.

reza afaghi: Very nice report. it would be more complete talking about motor efficiency in the mountain :)

Jia He: In China, we put Qashqai in mini size group, although it is big enough for the compact section. It is more practical in city, X-trail is too big.

ALAN GEE: Quashqai much better vehicle, my third Tekna model, Ford is no comparison unless you have three kids and a dog. The Tekna spec is way above and beyond the spec of more expensive vehicles, and the diesel engine performs well with v/good fuel economy. Looked at the £ 33,000 CRV Honda, spec was well below the Quashqai, no contest.

paul davison: kuga compete,s with the xtrail. quashquai is smaller and in the next size down. ford eco would have been more realistic comparison.

Morten Berg: Absolutely the Kuga. I just drove both, and the Nissan has no character - or at least a very metro-sexual one. The Kuga feels much more engaging in my opnion. Actually I closed the deal on one today :-)

Mark Finlay: Another great review. For me the Qashqai is an easy winner. Looks like it will be my next car.


vinaye goodary: thanks for the review man, nice comparison. i have used a nissan sylphy, now confused of which SUV to buy. my first choice is Qashqai, yet wanna know about other SUVs available in Mauritius. thanks again, the Kuga apeals to me..

Ιωάννης Λαβούτας: Thomas excellent review, I recently bought the qashqai 1.6 diesel (130 ps) tekna model. My opinion so far driving the car is that it's very easy to drive, good feeling on the road and most important it's very safe. Actually I had experience testing the car's safety features when 2 cars collied in front of me. while I was driving with 140 kms ) outside Athens and I was able to avoid them without any scratch. Keep up the good work.

Frosted Waffle: Hey what about a Qashqai vs Kadjar review then?

Comparison test new Nissan Qashqai vs Ford Kuga (Escape) compact SUV driven FULL REVIEW 5 out of 5