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Nissan qashqai 0 100 km h

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The Nissan Qashqai is the family hatchback that thinks it's an SUV. That could have been a recipe for disaster but Nissan's engineers managed to blend the qualities of both vehicle types to produce a brilliantly well-rounded product.

The Qashqai serves up a high quality driving experience with low noise levels and ride comfort emerging as clear strengths. The handling isn’t the sharpest in the class but most owners won’t be too put out by that. Economy is good with the 74mpg 1.5-litre dCi rivalling the greenest family-sized cars around.

Inside it’s spacious and the build quality is good but those who remember the old Qashqai+2 seven-seater will be disappointed with the new Qashqai as it is only available with five-seats. For two more seats, buyers should look towards the larger Nissan X-Trail instead.

The price of a new Nissan Qashqai starts at R 299,900 for the 1.2 Turbo Visia. The 1.2 Turbo Acenta sells for R 331,900 while the 1.2 Turbo Acenta CVT sells for R 348,900. The most expensive Qashqai is the 1.6DCI Acenta AWD which sells at R 410,600. The price of a used Qashqai ranges from R 179,950 for the 2011 Acenta model to R 421,900 for the 2016 1.6dCi Acenta auto model.

The 1.2 Turbo Visia is powered by a 4-cylinder engine which produces a maximum power of 85 kW @ 4500 rpm. The top of the range 1.6dCi Acenta AWD is powered by a 4-cylinder engine which produces 96 kW @ 4000 rpm. The Visia accelerates from 0-100 kmh in 10.9 seconds. It has a maximum speed of 185kmh. The Acenta AWD has a maximum speed of 190 kmh and moves from 0-100 kmh in 10.5 seconds.

According to Consumer Reports, the average cost of owning a Nissan Qashqai moves from R 2400 in the first year to R 6400 in the fifth year.