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Nissan qashqai immobiliser problems

Hi I'm new here and apologise if I have placed this in the wrong forum but I don't seem to have permission to post anywhere else.

Well I was the proud owner of a 2010 qashqai 2.0 n-tec but now I am am becoming the frustrated owner. Since January I have been having problems with my qq not starting, I turn the key and nothing but I noticed the immobiliser light stays on, I try the key several more times until the light finally goes out then the car will start. Some days this happens every time I try and start it then I can go a whole week with no problems.

Well I looked in the handbook where it describes this problem as a NATS (Nissan Anti Theft System) Immobiliser fault. So seeing as the car is only a few months old I take it to my local dealer hoping they can solve the problem. Well lets just say I am now about to go back for the 6th time with the same problem so as you can imagine after buying a brand new car from a reputable dealer I am rather confused as to why I seem to spend much of my time going back and forth trying to get the problem fixed and after 5 failed attempts I won't be holding my breath!

Then now it seems I have a dreaded knocking coming from somewhwere a problem I have noticed is quite common among qq owners posts. So my qashqai has become more of an embarrasment than my pride of joy, I am more increasingly getting strange looks from people wondering why I am sitting in car parks trying to start my new car!

So I am just wondering if anyone has got any ideas or has had the same problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Sorry forgot to say the dealer has changed keys, reprogrammed immobiliser, and replaced a part.
On the last visit they told me they had found a loose wire which has been fixed. Also it is in different places this happens. As my dealer has also tried to tell me it's the town I live in causing the problems.

As for their argument that "it's the town you live in" - well they KNEW your home address when you bought the car so you can extend 2 arguments. 1/ Other cars are not so affected - meaning the one they sold you is defective by design 2/ They ought to have informed you that the car wouldn't work at the time of purchase, so they didn't discharge a their duties as regards a reasonable duty-of-case as a vendor. Personally I think i'd extend a rather simple, more direct and eloquent argument and simply shout "testicleS!" in the service manager's face.

Involve Nissan CS at this point - they're really rather good. And/Or Find yourself another dealership as there are plenty about and they do vary considerably. If you post your location on here (Just a city or region such as "North Oxon" or "Manchester") people will offer recommendations as to dealerships to approach.

I guess it's possible that if someone had other RF equipment in the area on a similar frequency then it might affect the "blipper" used to lock the car. Some keys (and the Qashqai's may well be one - I don't know) contain an near-field transmitter that sends a code to the immobiliser when they're in the ignition to disengage the immobiliser. I guess it's possible that if someone were transmitting on massive power at this frequency it could, in theory, interrupt the reliable operation of the immobiliser (probably causing it to fail to release as it can't "see" the keys). One massive problem with this, though, is that near-field frequencies are purposefully selected for their poor range (which is kinda the whole point!), you wouldn't use anything similar for high-power broadcast - even if you could get a licence to do so (which you almost certainly can't - for the above reason).

IE it's something you probably wouldn't want to do, and even if you did it would probably be A) Illegal and B) inefficient and C) pretty stupid.

Never mind that - it's an insult to the intelligence as suggestions go - if it's just the town you live in then why didn't they mention it before? Not only that - but can the car truly be called "fit for purpose" if it won't work at the known address of the purchaser?

Hmmm. I'm guessing "Bexy" is "Rebecca" - and I wonder if the smarmy pigs are trying it on because she's a she? A lot of women get especially poor service from garages because they consider cars a "man thing", cleverly excluding 52 percent of their potential customers for no good reason and mortally offending the person involved who typically holds 50 percent of the purse strings for the other 48 percent of the population.

Maybe the garage hasn't heard of it but Nissan has, have you got onto NCS that must be your next move as you are still under warranty. Phone Nissan and demand they look into it..givng them all the details and mention you've heard similar stories in this Qashqai Club forum. if you don't ask you don't get.

took car into garage today put fault finer on found out my problem is the body control moduler going to change it, sending for new one from china three weeks wait hopfully that will cure the problem, been in touch with ncs i think they put a rocket up the rear